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Getting ready for a long trip can be a fun and exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. If you’ve ever taken a trip, you know how much preparation goes into it. Various tasks come with preparing for a long trip, such as ensuring that your plants and pets are taken good care of, adjusting the electronics, and stopping the mail.


This list will not cover all the necessary things you should pack for a long trip, but it will help you ensure you have the best possible experience.


Have a Backup Bag

One of the most important factors you should consider when packing for a long trip is having an extra bag. This will allow you to bring home a variety of souvenirs. Having an extra bag will also help minimize the stress you’ll feel when you return home.


If you’re a late-packer, having to go out and get something for all the items you bought during your trip is a good way to end a successful adventure on a sour note.


Be Ready for Lost Luggage

Although packing a comprehensive carry-on is standard practice for most types of travel, you should consider having an emergency bag for long trips. This will allow you to keep all the necessary supplies for any situation you might find yourself in.


In addition to a change of clothes, a couple of pairs of underwear, some medications, and toiletries should be included in your carry-on. You should also pack expensive or personal items.


Come Prepared for the Weather

A typical weather forecast is only about five to ten days out, and if you’re planning on traveling on an extended holiday, you might be staying a bit longer than that.


Before you start packing for a long trip, ensure you’re also looking into the long-term trends for the weather. Although the days after you packed may seem like they’re going to be sunny and warm, the end of your trip may be approaching a colder wet season.


Find a Way to Keep Your Clothes Fresh

Depending on the length and type of your trip, the specifics here will likely vary. But the main idea is to get your clothes fresh and keep them looking their best while you’re away from home.


Use Packing Cubes

One of the advantages of packing cubes is that they can be incredibly helpful when living out of a suitcase. Instead of going through a mess to find something you need, you can just locate the cube you’re looking for and get on with your life. If you’re a person who likes to unpack when you’re staying somewhere, these cubes can be incredibly useful for storing all of your clothes.