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The romance of train travel is that it offers the opportunity to take in the scenery while traveling at a leisurely pace, unlike the hustle and bustle of an airport or a busy highway. There are also plenty of seats and historic stations to enjoy.


There are many train trips that you can take across the US, and these include stops in various cities and historical landmarks. Here are some of the country’s best train travel routes, from New England to Napa Valley. 


Pacific Surfliner

This train travels through southern California and stops in various ocean towns. Head north from San Diego and visit some of the most beautiful beaches, such as Carpinteria and San Juan. You can also explore Santa Barbara before returning to San Luis Obispo.


Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway was established in 1901 and offers passengers a unique opportunity to experience the history of the Wild West. During this journey, you’ll hear the stories of the train’s crew as it goes through the high desert plateau.


White Pass Yukon Route

This historic railway crosses the Yukon and takes you from Alaska to Canada. The journey, which spans 67.5 miles, is similar to the trip the famous Klondike stampeders took more than a hundred years ago. You’ll also be able to visit Bennett Station, a museum located in the same area.


The Maple Leaf Train

Take a train trip from Niagara Falls to New York City on the Maple Leaf train. It will take you through various areas in New York, including the Hudson River Valley and the gorges of the region’s Finger Lakes. While in Niagara Falls, you can take a cruise on The Hornblower or take a Journey Behind the falls tour, which takes you to the observation areas at the foot of the falls.


Napa Valley Wine Train

The scenic route through the wine country of Napa Valley is taken by this train. It follows a rail line constructed in 1864. The trip takes about three hours and 36 miles, and it includes a visit to St. Helena and downtown Napa. After getting off the train, you can explore the area’s old industrial section and continue through the region’s beautiful vineyards.

Some routes allow you to board and leave the train at different points. During your stay in the area, you can also explore the region’s many attractions.


Coast Starlight

The Coast Starlight takes you up the West Coast, starting in Los Angeles and ending in Seattle. It passes through various areas, including Portland, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, and San Francisco. The scenery along the route includes snowy peaks, forests, and valleys.