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Kevin Bledsoe


Nothing compares to real-life experiences. This is especially true for travel. When Kevin Bledsoe is taking trips with his family, he has more in mind than just a sightseeing tour. Both Kevin and his wife, Kasey, go to other regions of the world for a sense of wonder and adventure. They immerse themselves as much as possible in cultures that are vastly different from their own. Kevin understands that stepping outside his comfort zone opens him to a world of possibilities and perspectives that would otherwise be impossible.

In the high-pressure, fast-paced world of self-storage brokerage, Kevin knows more than most people how important it is to seek a work-life balance. Kevin looks for ways to recharge in addition to exploring other cultures, cuisines, and traditions. Kevin also welcomes the self-reflection that comes with travel, allowing him to step back and appreciate all the things he has, tangible and non.  

One of Kevin and Kasey’s favorite aspects of traveling is making new friends from all over the globe. People who might be outside someone’s orbit at home can appear through chance, creating a lifelong friendship. Kevin’s most exciting travel experiences have involved learning about geography, history, culture, food, and language from the local inhabitants. To Kevin, the contrasts are just as compelling as the similarities.

Kevin Bledsoe earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania during his undergraduate years. He started working with Polk-Lepson, an organization specializing in customized business-to-business and consumer research. Kevin worked as a marketing research assistant, helping team efforts by doing field research, data modeling, trend analysis, and reporting outcomes. Kevin’s involvement in the research process sparked a lifelong interest in him. He carried the skills he learned through the next two decades of his career.

Kevin Bledsoe is the Bledsoe Self Storage Group’s First Vice President of Investments at Marcus & Millichap. Kevin and his team are responsible for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. From 2015 through 2020, Kevin’s brokerage teams completed over $300 million in self-storage property transactions and led the purchase of $150 million in self-storage properties. 

Throughout his career, Kevin has managed and sold more than $1 billion in self-storage assets across the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest regions. Kevin started his self-storage career in 2004 as a District Manager for PFG Capital, a privately owned REIT, and eventually shifted to third-party management, where he managed over 100 facilities. 

Kevin is also a certified real estate salesman in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. 

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